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"Building your HealthTribe allows you to make more money, serve more people, and have more freedom. It is the foundation of your practice’s financial security tomorrow." - Dr. Jason Deitch

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"When I was asked to review Unmarket your Practice, I was intrigued, but was also a bit cynical. How many “how to” books and downloads with sensational promises are out there? I get barraged by them every day. Then I opened the book and started reading. WOW! This is a quality piece of work that contains the significant insights only Dr. Jason Deitch could have. Jason’s background, experience and unwavering love for chiropractic success comes together in a way that will change your future. Unmarket your Practice is all that and more. "

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

CEO - Revealed Films

"There’s so much noise out there...noise about how to be successful; noise about new patient acquisition; noise about marketing; noise about retention; noise, noise, noise. But every now and then a TRUTH pops up that is so on target; usually so simple; absolutely profound that it can change the game. Often it’s a restated principle that’s as old as time itself made modern to be effective. Often it gets overlooked in the “noise.” Don’t overlook this one. Jason has nailed it...laid out an idea and a plan that if implemented and practiced, along with the work and ideas you currently use, will amplify your results and provide you a practice that allows not only success in the now, but a future of freedom, sustainability and congruency with the practice that feeds your 'soul purpose'."

Dr. Guy Riekeman

Chancellor - Life University

Dr. Beau Pierce

Pierce Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center | Chiropractic

Dr. Stu Hoffman

Founder - ChiroSecure

Drs. Stu & Teri Warner

Founders - Genesis Pediatric Conference

"What a pleasure it was to read UP - Unmarket your Practice. It’s a grand slam treatise that gives you the ultimate blueprint to build a tribe of followers that trust you, that want what you have to offer, people that will get well, pay, stay and refer. If your goal is to serve humanity while thriving personally and professionally, this book is a must. Thank you, Dr. Jason Deitch, for dedicating thousands of hours to share your knowledge and expertise."

Dr. Gilles LaMarche

The Peaceful Chiropractic Warrior

"Building a tribe to monetize social media by attracting qualified patients to my offices that already trust us has been an endeavor of mine for the past 9 years and finally in just 21 minutes Dr. J delivers the goods with this ebook that got me to really rethink and heavily upgrade my current strategy. Really, really good stuff here. Read it. So worth it."

Dr. Sebastian Bonnin

Carribbean Director of Development - AlignLife

"Dr. Jason Deitch is the unrivaled cultural authority on social media for chiropractic. His Unmarket Your Practice concept and book by the same name is the culmination of over a decade of deep experience and study of marketing chiropractic and the social phenomenon that is Facebook. Jason encourages us to shift our focus from low level commodity sales tactics that quickly become a "race to the bottom" - to higher level marketing and branding strategies that are based on value-delivery and trust-building. Sales and business has always been about relationship, Unmarket Your Practice makes it easy and actionable. It's a must-read for chiropractors interested in attracting more ideal prospective new practice members."

Dr. Stephen Franson

Founder - The Remarkable Practice

Dr. Seth Labbot

Cafe of Life Marin

Billy Sticker

Founder - ChiroCandy Marketing

Dr. Alex Vidan

Vidan Family Chiropractic

"Unmarket your Practice contains a very elegant, professional, and detailed approach for doctors who desire to become more influential and help more people. It’s a very intelligent way to create a movement and position the doctor as an asset in the community."

Matthew Loop

Founder, DC Income

"Unmarket Your Practice is THE playbook on how to build and grow a modern chiropractic practice. This book shows you how social media and technology can elevate your practice, and the profession. As a practicing chiropractor - you need to read this book. "

Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Founder - The Evidence Based Chiropractor

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with Dr. Jason Deitch for over a decade now. The one thing that has remained a constant with Jason is he is always on the leading edge. From his best selling book Discover Wellness to Fan Page Generator to AmpLIFEied to, now, Unmarket your Practice, he knows how to get a message across clearly, concisely and, most importantly, effectively. Unmarket your Practice is full of incredible and practical advice on building a loyal and trusting following. If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme, then move on. This is not for you. But, if you're in for the long game of building a successful business, be sure to read this book. Unmarket your Practice is unlike anything else you've read."

Dr. Miles Bodzin

Founder & CEO - Cash Practice Systems

"I’ve known Jason since he was a chiropractic student, and with that knowledge, it was clear he would do great things for our profession and humanity. After reading Unmarket your Practice, it is clear that we can spend our time, talent and money doing what doesn’t work, or undo our current thinking and start building the community most only dream about. Dr. Jason’s book hits the nail on the head when it comes to sustainable branding and marketing, along with stress free ways to grow your practice. Unmarket your Practice is a book long overdue, and every one of our students at Life West will be learning Jason’s strategies through our Business Institute. When it comes to either growing your practice or attracting the patients you are looking for, or both, lean in and learn some great information so you can make your mark on Creating a Brighter Future for Humanity!"

Ron Oberstein

President - Life Chiropractic College West

"Jason's heart and love to serve mankind is so big. He has created tools that have made it so simple to deliver outstanding, fresh content that people are searching for. He brands you as an expert in the space of health and wellness. When he speaks, listen closely...I DO!"

Dr. Roger Sahoury

Above & Beyond Holistic Wellness Center

Dr. Chad Woolner

Founder - ChiroFunnel Secrets

"The more I have become familiar with Jason Deitch and his work, the more I’m convinced he’s coming from a place of service and a desire to see his profession grow and mature into its powerful potential to change the way the world thinks about health. In my fourth decade as a chiropractic patient and ally, I’ve definitely seen a positive shift in public perception of chiropractic, and I can’t help but believe the time is right to capitalize on the most powerful communication tool ever wielded by human beings, the internet. And I know of no one more prepared and willing to use that tool - and help others use it - to make a real difference for chiropractors, their patients, and most importantly, their future patients who come to them as a result of the shift in communication approach that Jason describes in UNmarket your Practice. "

Rebecca H. Koch

Author, Vital Signs: Trusting in "Life Its own self”

"Like many health care practicioners, I tend to be very passionate about what I do. I know I have a valuable message to share, but my voice never reaches quite as far as I want it to. After reading your book, I finally felt like I had an effective plan to help me grow my tribe! Now I'm not just screaming at the top of my lungs for whoever will listen. Instead, I'm building a beautiful platform from which I can professionally share my message. I no longer feel like I'm screaming at everyone, instead, I'm building a tribe of people who both need me and want to listen. Thank you for all your help!"

Dr. Tabor Smith

Founder - Spinal Hygiene Movement

"Dr. Jason’s Unmarket Your Practice is a sound step by step approach to practice success. He begins with establishing the “Why to” and ends with a simple step by step “how to” strategy. If you’re looking for a silver bullet quick fix this is not it…but if you want to own the goose that lays golden eggs day after day Jason is your guy and Unmarket your Practice is your ‘goose’."

Dr. Stuart Bernsen

CEO - Medulla, LLC

"Unmarket Your Practice is a refreshing look at marketing for the chiropractic industry. Leave it to Jason to turn your marketing upside down by unveiling the secrets to getting the most out of social and digital marketing. Jason provides not only the mindset needed to gain success but also the tactical steps you can put into action immediately. I have been in the chiropractic industry for over two decades and have played an active role in the marketing of these facilities. Therefore, when I say this marketing strategy is definitely worth the read you are going to want to get your hands on it. Whether you need a new marketing mindset or you need the detailed action plan, Jason will get you on the right track after you read "Unmarket Your Practice"."

Dr. Joe Esposito

CEO - AlignLife

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Founder - The Fab Life Mentorship Program

"AMAZING! A perfect blueprint strategy for taking any practice to the next level. If you want to leverage your time by using social media and technology to delivery your message to the masses, THIS is your solution!"

Dr. Paul Reed

Developer - ChiroFest

"Every chiropractor I work with is told to stay as far away from social media as possible to see practice growth quicker. However, social media is where many of your new patients are and you must be able connect with them where they’re located. If people are on social media, they’re looking for a leader. Be that leader for them. The biggest mistake Chiropractors make is spending time consuming content on Facebook. Jason’s book provides a protocol on what to GIVE, easily and efficiently."

Dr. Josh Wagner

Founder - Patient Mastery
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