The Daily Disruptor's Guide to: Unmarket your Practice

Build a HealthTribe of local people who believe what you believe and become your practice’s #1 source of referrals.


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3 ways to make more money

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4 ways to market your practice

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What is a Daily Disruptor?

Daily Disruptors serve more people - and disrupt healthcare - in their communities through the power of social marketing.

Disruptor [dis-ruhpt-or] ::

A person or company that changes the traditional way an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way.

Dr. Jason Deitch (featured above)

What is Unmarketing?

Building a HealthTribe of local people who believe what you believe.

Building a HealthTribe allows you to...

  • Stimulate more pre-qualified internal referrals.
  • Increase your attendance at your internal events.
  • Improve your online ads to target more audiences.
  • Attract more invitations to do external events.

Making Facebook Healthy

You want your practice to be the talk of the town; the most popular on Facebook in your community. You want your practice to go viral. Your unique HealthTribe is the means to accomplish this and will become your practice’s #1 source of referrals.

Community is the New Marketing

If you want to discover how to use today’s technology to attract more “pre-qualified” new patients, improve your conversion rate, increase your retention and sell more of your favorite health products, you’re in the right place.

Get the Free Training and Bonus Materials

Unique Starter Design Pack Included


Wall Displays

Beautifully designed to engage your patients from the moment they walk in.


Counter Displays

Made for the front desk. Never miss an opportunity to engage your patients.


In-Office Videos

Ideal for the reception area. Entertain your patients and encourage them to follow you.


Postcard Invites

Professionally designed. Invite your community to come see you.


Referral Cards

Hand out to patients. Leave at the front desk. Make it easy to spread the word.


Talk Scripts

Learn how to speak to patients about your HealthTribe.


Endorsement Video Guide

Use this checklist each month to plan your next additions to your video library.


Custom Cover Images & Videos

Upgrade your Facebook page with images and videos designed for engagement.


Facebook Ad Videos

Post to promote your practice. Boost to your community. Stand out.


Members Area Access

One centralized location for all things UP, including all future new toolkit items.


Step by Step Training

Guided step by step training to Unmarket your Practice with Dr. Jason Deitch.


Private Facebook Group Access

Connect with the UP community and our support team live on Facebook.


Build Your HealthTribe

Building your HealthTribe today is the foundation of your practice’s financial security tomorrow.

Accelerate new patient attraction.

Improve new patient conversion.

Solidify new patient retention.

Drive more new product sales.

The training and bonuses seen here are 100% FREE.

Whether you want to make more money, serve more people, have more freedom and maybe even change the world for the better, this is the place to start.

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