The Daily Disruptor's Guide to: Unmarket your Practice

Build a HealthTribe of local people who believe what you believe and become your practice’s #1 source of referrals.


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You want your practice to be the talk of the town; the most popular on Facebook in your community. You want your practice to go viral. Your unique HealthTribe is the means to accomplish this and will become your practice’s #1 source of referrals.

What is a Daily Disruptor?

Daily Disruptors serve more people - and disrupt healthcare - in their communities through the power of social marketing.

Disruptor [dis-ruhpt-or] ::

A person or company that changes the traditional way an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way.

What is Unmarketing?

Building a HealthTribe of local people who believe what you believe.

Building a HealthTribe allows you to...

  • Stimulate more pre-qualified internal referrals.
  • Increase your attendance at your internal events.
  • Improve your online ads to target more audiences.
  • Attract more invitations to do external events.

Community is the New Marketing

If you want to discover how to use today’s technology to attract more “pre-qualified” new patients, improve your conversion rate, increase your retention and sell more of your favorite health products, you’re in the right place.

We’re Building a Tribe of Tribe Leaders - Join Us!

Want to get 100% of Your People to See 100% of Your Posts 100% of the Time for FREE?

Then make your Facebook page look like this...


Build Your HealthTribe

This is the foundation of your practice’s financial security tomorrow.

Accelerate new patient attraction.

Improve new patient conversion.

Solidify new patient retention.

Drive more new product sales.

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s what you’ll receive:
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  2. Learn more about the resources available to you to build your HealthTribe.
  3. Determine what you should do, what we should do and what we should do together.

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